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Q:  Doesn't my homeowner insurance cover my equine exposures?  

A:  HO policies will not cover any bodily injury or physical damage your equine friends may cause.  

Q:  My personal liability for my training, boarding or lesson business is covered under my liability section?  

A:  Unless you have a Farm Ranch insurance policy that includes equine training, boarding or lesson business, you are not covered.  

Q:  I have a existing Farm Ranch insurance policy - do I have to notify you if my equine activities change?

A:  Yes!  The company must be notified if your equine exposures change with your personal horses  or with non-owned horses - as you host events, clinics or day camps on your property!  These can be added to your policy via Endorsement.

Q:  Why do I need to complete renewal paperwork every 3 years?

A:  This is a great process to make sure you haven't added any buildings or made improvements to your property that need to be added since the original information was obtained.  

Q:  Is a copy of my Boarding/Training/Hold Harmless agreement needed?  

A:  Yes, the company requires a copy of a current agreement.  All your clients and/or visitors should sign your agreement.  Keep signed copies on record.